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50 years of Rolf Kind GmbH - together we give children a better future

True to the motto - donate a better future to children together - we launched a fundraising campaign for KIJU Lindlar e.V. on the occasion of our 50th company anniversary.

The association has set itself the task of supporting projects and activities worthy of support by and for children and young people throughout the Lindlar municipality, because not all children and young people have the same opportunities and often lack the financial or social support to have a future with prospects to design. This includes not only the purchase of children's play equipment in kindergartens or leisure facilities, the organization of events for children and young people, the financial support of families and their children who are in need through no fault of their own, but many other projects.

But that's not all:
For every €50 raised for the association for children and young people in Lindlar e.V., Rolf Kind GmbH donates a tree seedling to the city of Lindlar.
Help improve the future of our children. Planting trees binds carbon dioxide, produces oxygen and improves soil properties. Every tree counts to protect our climate!

Join us and support our project with your donation.

You can donate directly to the association for children and young people in Lindlar e.V.

IBAN: DE63 3706 9125 0117 7300 18, BIC: GENODED1RKO
Password: 50th company anniversary - Rolf Kind GmbH

The promotion runs until September 9th, 2019