Nothing is impossible
with our technologies in open die forging.

Our many years of experience in the field of hot-forming enable us to tailor the required work processes and production methods to each customer’s special needs. Whether forged to “near-net shape”, seamless hot-rolled or induction-heated and upsetting – we will find the optimal process for each work piece. The optimal forging equipment for each component – that’s technology made by R. KIND.
Our product groups:
  • Bars in round/square/flat dimensions, as well as stepped and profile forged bars
  • Seamless forged flange-shafts in all lengths
  • Rings, cylindrical hollows and pierced discs, either forged or seamless hot-rolled
  • Forged discs especially in large dimensions
  • Any special shape, such as nozzles, cones, bushings or hollow parts, according to your requirements
Every product we manufacture has to meet the highest international quality criteria: tests to verify corrosion resistance, heat resistance or extreme mechanical loads are standard procedures at R. KIND.
  • Rings and discs for heat exchangers, material Alloy C22, weights up to 7,300 kg
  • Heat exchanger tube sheet, Alloy 800H, DIA 3,320 x 280 mm, ingot weight 18,500 kg
  • Seamless forged hollow tube, DIA 915/734 x 8,080 mm, material grade F304LN, ingot weight 47,500 kg
  • Seamless forged bushing, material Alloy 625, DIA 1,740 x 1,454 x 1,170 mm, forging weight 12,200 kg
  • Finished machined compressor hub, material Duplex F51, DIA 1,520 mm
  • Seamless forged nozzle, Alloy 800H, 7,300 kg
  • Finish machined nozzle, material Duplex F51, DIA 1,630 mm
  • Contoured forged „Outer Plate“, material F316 LN, weight 12,500 kg
  • Forged titanium centrifuge drum for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Seamless hot rolled ring, Alloy 254 SMO, Ø 2,620/1,980 x 125 mm