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Here you will find the latest information on Rolf Kind GmbH and our products. We will keep you informed of all important events regarding our company, from press releases to announcements of upcoming visits to trade shows.

Ready to face even the biggest challenges.

From a 13-ton Ingot in highly heat- and corrosion resistant Alloy 625, we have manufactured the world’s largest ever produced valve body. Forged as a single piece with a finished machined weight of more than four tonnes, this blow-out-valve will be used in Tengiz oil field / Kazakhstan and will h...


The world is building a new nuclear fusion reactor - with special steel solutions from Gummersbach.

Over the next few years, R. KIND GmbH will supply around 210 heavy-duty special stainless steel components for the magnetic system of the new ITER nuclear fusion reactor - one of the world’s biggest R&D projects. Gummersbach, 08.02.13 – In Latin, ITER means “way” or “path”, but as a technical ...


New building with extended machining capabilities ready for operation

The second plant in Lindlar-Kaiserau of Rolf Kind GmbH was being under expansion work in the last months. Around two and a half kilometres away from our headquarter building in Gummersbach-Nochen, the existing workshop structures were energy efficiently refurbished and extended by an additiona...


A new challenge for Rolf KIND GmbH!

In the beginning of this year, KIND booked a special order. Not only the order value in high 6-figure range, but also special demands for material and forging technology made this order extremely interesting! The order encloses large forged and rolled Rings, Discs, (Blind) Flanges and Nozzles....