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Excellence in the making.

Our challenge: to go beyond the limits of conventional forgings.

Rolf Kind GmbH was founded in 1969. Since then we have set ourselves a task: we want to produce excellence with innovative ideas and highly efficient manufacturing technology. It is our aim to overcome the limits of conventional forging technology, so that we can offer our customers extremely resilient solutions in high-quality alloys.

Run as a family business right from the start, Rolf Kind focuses on the entire production chain, from the cast ingot to the finished and inspected work piece.

We combine flexible manufacturing management with the precision of our in-house processing. This enables us to manufacture the quality that meets our own high standards and those of our customers.

Customers around the globe are convinced by the outstanding effectiveness of our working methods. In an economy that follows global rules, being a specialist manufacturer of unique parts has put us in the greatest demand. We export up to 80 per cent of our custom-made solutions from Germany throughout the world.