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The world of intelligent forging solutions.

Customers all over the world use our alloy solutions for critical parts and equipment.

Our components are mostly used in sensitive industries with very high product requirements. Our customers know that they can rely on the very high standards of Rolf Kind quality.


Manufacturers of apparatuses and plants all over the world know: Rolf Kind materials will defy all adversities even in the most corrosive environments. With 40 years of experience, we stand for quality.

Offshore technology

In offshore technology the focus is on highest quality and absolute adherence to delivery times. Rolf Kind has been known as a reliable and acknowledgedpartner to the global market leaders in offshore facility manufacturing for many years.

Machinery construction and abrasive/corrosive plant engineering

Whether it’s a 10-metre-long agitator shaft, a high-precision centrifuge drum or a high-speed rotating compressor wheel: our components are manufactured in accordance with all current international standards and will satisfy any customer requirement.

Research and Innovation

Hardly any other forging manufacturer has as strong reputation as Rolf Kind in the field of international research projects. We are committed to designing and manufacturing specialized forgings for major international research equipment, like LHC Cern or ITER.